This is “La Clôture” and we like to tell you something about us and our environment.

Lanouée  is a village with 1700+ inhabitants in the canton  of Josselin in Morbihan, Bretagne.  It is situated on 44+ square kilometer. Thus, we have a lot of space in this community!

Husbandry and agriculture are the most important activities. Josselin, a small market town at only a few kilometres, is a year round tourist attraction.

We live here, in La Bagatelle, Lanouée since 2015 where we realised our Studio/B&B “La Clôture”.  You will find us halfway the two towns of Lanouée and Josselin.

We try to live as ecological as possible and we grow our own vegetables and fruits. I preserve the vegetables and make jams, juices and confitures.

We eat from our garden and we hope to do this for a long time still. I will write a few recipes now and then and add them to the site, so you may all enjoy these lovely foods. Ecological is also that our green energy is windmill produced.

We have a terrain of 3000m2. A part of it is used for the heifers of our neighbouring biological farmer.