Spring flowers in a vase

16 November 2018

A project on bluejeans paper, handmade in the Netherlands in a paper mill.

A little field bouquet, made as a gift.

Green and red chillies

Green and red chillies, postcard size

8 November 2018:

An autumn project three in one! € 35,00

An autumn postcard size trio. Flowers, leaves and fruit from my garden and the sunset is our view!


Lizio des Peintres was a very good experience for me. There were lots of other painters and a lot of visitors. A great evenement!

21 October Lizio des Peintres.  

This is an exposition for artists from all over. It gives them a chance to show their work to the public. I am also going to be there, for the first time!

I would like to present my artwork to you. To find peace in myself, I started to create. I found working with Pastel is just the thing for me. Working close to the paper with dry pastels and my fingers, is like being close to the centre of myself.

J’aimerais vous présenter mes œuvres d’art. Pour trouver la paix en moi, j’ai commencé à créer. J’ai trouvé que travailler avec Pastel est exactement ce qu’il me faut. Travailler près du papier avec des pastels secs et mes doigts, c’est comme être près du centre de moi-même. Follow on Instagram

I present my work with ready-made picture frames to protect the work. this is included in the price.

“Nigella” 26x 36 cm
prix € 50.00
Sur papier textile artisanale “blanc”


“Nymphéa” 33 x 43 cm
prix € 55.00


“Fantaisie couleurs” 45 x 60 cm
prix € 95.00


“Cinderella” 26 x 36 cm
prix € 50.00
Sur papier textile artisanale “jeans


“Gazania” 27 45 cm
prix € 55.00


“Palette de couleur” 34 x 49 cm
prix € 65.00


“Printemps” Sur papier artisanal textile:
size: 30 x 45 cm. Prix: € 55,00


“L’Amazone” size: 69 x 36 cm.
Prix: € 65,00