I will write on this page in English. My Dutch visitors mostly read and write in English but some recipes will be in Dutch, French or even in English! If you do have a problem with the translation, just contact me by leaving a reaction at the bottom! I will also try to make different subpages for different kinds of recipes. There will be recipes that I made-up myself or that where given by  our French, English or Dutch friends!

First I will tell you  about the jars you will need and about the way I always do my canning.

You will need jars of glass with a good lid to close them, make sure they are not chipped in any way. There are many different kinds of jars that you can buy.

jar with rubber rings

jar with rubber rings

There are these (right) you may want to use, or others



(left) that will help you to make a very good way to preserve your lovely fruits  and maybe even vegetables.


A very important thing to know is, that you must keep everything super clean. Wash your hands and tools with hot water and preferably sodium bicarbonate ( baking soda). You may wash your jars (used ones) and lids in the dishwasher and then rinse with piping hot water in baking- or regular soda, rinse again with hot water putting them upside down on a very clean tea towel and cover before use. Do not forget to clean the lids, you keep them waiting in clean hot water until use. Think also about the tools, you need to clean them with the hot soda water, then rinse them off and keep them under cover. It is also wise to have a clean cloth rinsed in hot sodawater waiting for use on the tea towel.

jars filled to the rim

jars filled to the rim

After you make the preserve, you want to fill the jars to the rim. It would also be nice to have a tool that could help you do this.


dubbel funnel for filling jars.

This funnel is especialy created for filling jars. A great invention and you never spil a drop again.


After you have filled the jars you might need to clean the rims with the waiting wet cloth, just in case and also to wet the rim before closing with the lid.

Screw these on tightly and then you may want to do two things, you either turn them

upside down

upside down

upside down on the clean tea towel, or you sterilize the filled  jars. You can do this in a hot air oven or in a sterilizer. I do not do this for my jams. But for vegetables and juices I sterilize in the oven, since I do not have a sterilizer. Follow the directions of your sterilizer or oven, it should be discribed in there.

I wish you a good preserving time!


2018 March

Cherries on rum

I have this recipe out of a little Deltas recipebook named Liqueurs and fruit preserves. ISBN 90-447-1236-5.

1 kg cherries (red or pink), 500 gr sugar, 1 vanille rod, 350 ml rum (54% vol)

1)    Clean and wash the cherries, let them drain well. Clean of the stems and take out the stones. Put the cherries in wel cleaned and rinsed and mix with the sugar. Close the jar and leave for about an hour, so the juice will come out.

2)    Slice the vanilla rod length wise in two and cut in 4 pieces. Add to the jar with the rum. Close the jar well and let stand for at minimum 2 weeks.

You may use these cherries in all kinds of ways. As a drink with a spoon, on a custard pudding with whipped cream, delicious! Or with Duck legs, see this recipe elsewhere on this site.